Hey, I'm Jack Landon - the creator of Sveltekit.io. 😘

I created this website with 2 main goals:

  1. To be the premier resource for Svelte and Sveltekit developers to work smarter 👨‍💻, and
  2. To increase awareness of Svelte and Sveltekit's awesomness 🤘

My motivation to achieve these goals are ultimately selfish - I want Svelte to become the most adopted framework in the web-dev ecosystem. 💪

The absolute dominance of React means there are incentives to adopt it over Svelte, in the form of jobs available, and quantity/quality of framework 'resources' - a.k.a. lifelines to access when you run into weird errors. 😣

My hope is to have more projects created with Svelte/Sveltekit, and more businesses using it (and thus more jobs). 🤑

Ultimately, if we collectively build better resources, we build a better ecosystem. And the developers will come. 😛

With that said, on this site you'll find:

  • 📰 in-depth articles,
  • 👨‍🏫 tutorials and project walk-throughs
  • 📙 reviews and libraries I think will help you

If I can't find something Sveltekit-related online, I'll probably write about it here. ✍

So thanks for stopping by 🙂. I hope you learn something!